Tusquitee Bald

Tusquitee Bald via the Chunky Gal trail will be the first extended hiking guide in the series. From our starting point, the hike is 3.4 miles to the top, with an elevation average of 700 feet per mile. This is a little too difficult and rough for a family hike, especially near the end. Anyone in decent shape should be able to make the hike round trip in five or six hours.

This is a 360 degree panoramic image from the summit viewable both on the computer and on the iPhone using the gyroscope!


Here’s our review and photo gallery of the trip from last summer. Look for more trail info below the pictures!

Kori and I made another hike yesterday from Tuni Gap road, up the 3.5 mile long Chunky Gal Trail, to the summit of Tusquitee Bald at over 5240 feet in elevation. It was a tough climb, with a steep grade most of the way. It took about 3 hours to get up to the top, with plenty of breaks included. Take a look at some of the pictures on the way up the trail and the views up top!


From downtown Hayesville, you will take Tusquitee Road for about 8.7 miles until you see Tuni Gap road on the left. You will follow this winding gravel road for 4.4 miles, just past Bob Allison Campground to the trailhead on the left. You will pass over a small bridge and see a place to park. The easiest way may be to check out the map below and use it to find the best route from your location.

The Trail

The first part of the trail is pretty easy, just walking up a gentle incline for a couple miles along the beautiful Big Tuni creek. After that, the trail does a series of switchbacks right up the side of the mountain to a ridge. The trail then follows a couple dips and peaks in the ridge until you reach the least maintained part of the trail and finally the open field of Tusquitee Bald. There are several very steep climbs in the second part of the trail so you may need to take breaks and drink plenty of water!


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