Siler Bald

Siler Bald is one of many natural grassy balds in the Appalachian. The true reason for a bald mountain is not really known, but they make for amazing views!

360 Panoramic View

Siler Bald is accessible by two routes. One is from a picnic area near Wayah Bald, which is the shorter trail. The trail we chose starts at Winding Stair Gap near Franklin, North Carolina. Winding Stair Gap is where the Appalachian Trail crosses US 64. Heading north, the trail is a pretty easy 4.2 miles. There is water near the trail about a mile or two in, accessible though a pipe. The most difficult part of the trail is the final ascend through the grass to the summit.

There are plenty of colorful wildflowers along the way up.

On the Summit

Once you get to the top, you’ll be probably be exhausted, but it’ll fade quickly as you look all around you at the Southern Nantahala Mountains. You can see Wayah Bald, the highest peak in the area, just to your north-northwest. To the west, you can see Nantahala Lake. To the south and east, there is a little bit of tree cover, only slightly obstructing the view. We decided to camp overnight on the summit where it was already cool outside before sunset.

Below is the late sunrise from the next morning.

Road Map